Meet Brad Kammlah

Brad Kammlah is a writer, speaker and thought leader in the areas of Travel, Team Facilitation, and Film. He is the creator of the popular travel blog Jetset Genius, that teaches frequent travelers how to travel better. In addition, he also has a passion for storytelling  and is the writer & director of Purge, an award winning film.


"Traveling as light as possible is essential to better travel." - Brad Kammlah


Brad is the creator of the successful travel tips site After years of stressful business travel he set out on a journey to discover the absolute best travel tips and share them with readers.

"Your team's success is entirely determined by the quality of your meetings." - Brad Kammlah

Facilitation Expert

"Your team's success is entirely determined by the quality of your meetings."
- Brad Kammlah

It's time to stop having boring meetings that are a waste of time! Brad has developed a series of cutting edges techniques that help leaders get real results in their meetings. To inquire about how Brad can help you lead better meetings contact us here.


Brad has a passion for telling stories that inspire. He is the writer and director of the award winning film Purge and currently has several other projects in various stages of development.

Brad Kammlah Host

Pubic Speaker & Moderator

Brad is an extremely engaging and inspiring public speaker and host. He is the moderator for filmmaker screenings and panels at several film festivals as well as a respected speaker on Travel Advice and Team Facilitation. To inquire about having Brad speak at your next event contact us here.

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